Cindy’s classes are fun, challenging and you get results!

I love taking pilates with Cindy Houston here in Pagosa Springs. I started 2 years ago, at the age of 71 and immediately felt welcomed and encouraged by Cindy and the other students. I have taken all kinds of exercise classes over the years, some were fun but didn’t get results, some were too difficult to adapt to my age or circumstance and resulted in injury, and some were just boring. But not at Cindy Houston Pilates!

Cindy’s classes are fun, challenging and you get results! For the first time in my life (at 73) I feel stronger and more balanced and in tune with my body. I love that I can adapt any exercise to my physical situation and still get results. There is a great sense of support and encouragement in every class. Cindy is very ‘tuned in’ to how you are feeling at any point during class and will make suggestions to help you adapt. I can’t thank her enough for the love and commitment she makes to her students. Cindy is a gentle soul who really ‘cares’. This is a good place to spend your time and energy. God Bless You!

- Alicia


Leaving a session, one feels exhilarated, more physically fit and maybe sometimes even has an elevated self esteem.

It's an A-plus atmosphere when you step through the door into Cindy's inviting, first class, immaculate studio. Highly professional, extremely competent and inspiring, Cindy is totally focused on the needs and physical abilities of her students by directing and teaching to the individual. Leaving a session, one feels exhilarated, more physically fit and maybe sometimes even has an elevated self esteem. We thank and appreciate you, Cindy. 

- Karen "Sunshine"


Strengthening muscles I didn't know I had!

I love my workouts with Cindy! I've never done Pilates before, and picked it up as a way to stay fit in the off season (both for work, and sport - I'm a jumper rider). Not only am I strengthening muscles I didn't know I had, but Cindy has helped me identify and correct subtle postural abnormalities that will really help my riding! Workouts vary from gentle to severe, but the nice thing is that you can really make it as hard or as easy as you need to that day. It's also nice to notice a difference in strength and ability each week.

- Britt


Pilates with Cindy brought me into the best shape of my life.

After years of solely cardio exercise, Pilates with Cindy brought me into the best shape of my life. Continuing throughout my pregnancy kept me strong and confident; and happily back into my pre-pregnancy jeans a month after restarting. Pilates with Cindy is absoluteley the best!

- Sara


Cindy's form and abilities are impeccable!

It is such a pleasure and privilege to inform you that Cindy Houston is the best Pilates and mat instructor possible. She stays on top of the newest conditioning techniques, research on physical training, nutrition and motivation. This enables Cindy to be your best source for discussion and guidance on your goals. Plus at this point in my life (63yrs old) I need an expert watching my form and body positioning to ensure I don't hurt myself. Cindy's knowledge includes modifications that enable even the amateur to be successful!

Cindy's form and abilities are impeccable! She illustrates the movements with a grace difficult for most to obtain. As she talks you through the movement to completion you feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation for her!!! Pilates is challenging! Workouts might look easy but that could not be further from the truth. The elongation and strengthening of the posture is excellent. Come be a part of a positive, upbeat, focused environment at the Body Shop in Pagosa Springs or watch online today!

- Pam


After class I am energized, and ready for the day!

Can you believe Cindy trained a grandmother to do a walk-over? Her classes are fun and challenging, and never boring. After class I am energized, and ready for the day! I love working with weights, without having to lift them. Cindy's classes are good for your body, and even better for your soul‼

- Nita


I consider myself athletic, enjoy working out, but there is no work out quite like Pilates.

Lucky me, my first experience with Pilate's was with Cindy Houston. I consider myself athletic, enjoy working out, but there is no work out quite like Pilates. With Cindy's knowledge and expertise, Pilates has transformed not only my body, my posture, my strength, and my waist, but also my mind, and overall wellbeing. Cindy makes it so enjoyable and I always look forward to the next class!

- Chrissy


At the Body Shop, a work out is never repetitive or boring.

I have been enjoying Pilates since 1998. I have attended studios in San Antonio and Boerne, TX, but there is no one other with the personality and expertise as Cindy Houston. With her 18 years of experience with Pilates, Cindy is familiar with all types of exercise as well as and in relation to Pilates. At the Body Shop, a work out is never repetitive or boring. Cindy rotates the exercise on different equipment daily. As well, she rotates the exercises on that specific apparatus weekly. You are in a bright and airy studio - exercising to your level - sometimes sweating, but always working hard. The Body Shop can help you - no matter your age or level of expertise.


P.S. Men can get a good work out at Pilates too, as my husband Steve will attest, Cindy is the best.

- Maureen & Steve


Cindy is an effervescent, enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated instructor.

Ten years ago, I started looking into exercise programs that are easy on the joints, but had many of the same benefits as aerobic classes. That is when I discovered Cindy Houston’s Pilates classes. I have been a member of Cindy’s Body Shop through a decade of changes, relocations, and reincarnations. She is now going digital.


Cindy is an effervescent, enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated instructor. Her classes are fun, never boring, and as hard as you want to make them. She has all the machinery needed for body sculpting, as well as fat burning. We start class with our body’s foundation, the feet, and keep on going. I have had to learn the language, as well as, the exercises of Pilates. There is the foot corrector, the reformer, the cadillac, the chair, the ladder back, the springs, the ropes, jump board, the trapeze, flex rings and so much more. The classes are small, but most of the women and men are dedicated.

This past month, I have come to appreciate more fully what Cindy and I have accomplished over the years. I am a very fit 70 year old woman. I had to have a knee replacement six weeks ago and my recovery has been surprisingly fast. I had a great surgeon, but I have to also thank Cindy Houston for my quick recovery. Over the past decade, she taught me the importance of posture, balance, flexibility, alignment and the adjustments that my body and mind are able to make. I have used everything I have learned in class for my recovery. Flexibility, balance, and muscle strength have made a significant difference. Cindy is motivational in her approach to exercise. Her exercise regimen has helped me appreciate how my muscles work. That knowledge and her training ensured I have the flexibility required to “kiss my knee,” even a new knee. Thank you Cindy.

- Barbara


When I took my first class with Cindy I was hooked!

For years I took Pilate classes on and off. When I took my first class with Cindy I was hooked! For two years now I’ve gone at least twice and usually three times a week. I can’t stay away! Cindy works us as far as our bodies can go and then some, always watching our form so we don’t have injuries and so we get the most out of the exercise that is possible. The atmosphere is a positive joy, everyone is so happy to be there that we have a wonderful time while making our bodies perform and respond. Thanks Cindy!

- Karen Hoch

Karen Hock.jpg

The most fitness I ever achieved!

The most fitness I ever achieved, ever, including long distance running, weight lifting, and pure hard work! Cindy is very careful if you have past injuries, there is nobody better.


you can tell she absolutely loves what she does.

Cindy is so encouraging and you can tell she absolutely loves what she does. I can't wait to be back everyday! I have a goal and I know with Cindy's help I will achieve it.


Nancy Knaack.jpg


Shortly after relocating to Pagosa Springs, I started Pilates with Cindy. She is, by far, the best instructor I have met. Just when you think you know all the moves on a piece of equipment, she gives you a completely different workout. After living here a few months, my husband asked what was the best thing about Pagosa. Without hesitation, I said "Pilates with Cindy!"

- Nancy K.


Great instructors, clean equipment. Everyone is patient and the whole vibe is healthy and healing.




Cindy’s class is the perfect start to my day:) I love that a can to go several days a week and get a different work out each time. Cadillac is one of my favorite because it challenges me to do things I wouldn’t usually be comfortable doing, like hanging upside down! Everyone is friendly and Cindy is so welcoming and knowledgeable. She keeps everyone safe and feeling strong.




I have been to several studios in different states, and Cindy is the best! She uses a variety of equipment- keeping it interesting.
She understands the connection of the exercise to the body part. One will be hooked when exercising with Cindy!




As a former high school and collegiate soccer coach, avid rock climber and aging man I needed a program to improve my strength and flexibility at the same time. Cindy is not just a Pilates instructor, she is an full person (body & soul) improvement specialist. It doesn’t matter your age, physical condition or experience – she will improve the quality of your life!!




I have had back problems my entire life and pilates make my back feel better while increasing my core strength and stretching. I have been attending Cindy Houston classes since she moved to Colorado in 2006 and highly recommend her teaching and classes to any one. She teaches many types of classes and to all levels!



Love the classes here. Great instructors and equipment. Personalized service.



Cindy's classes are seriously the best! My body felt so great going to her classes, even while pregnant. She has such a great knowledge of anatomy, and the classes are perfectly sequenced to give you full body workout in such a fun (but intense) way!!

-Rosie Marie


I absolutely love my workouts at Cindy's Body Shop. As a part-timer in Pagosa Springs, Cindy always welcomes me back with open arms. She is an awesome instructor, carefully considering each client's strengths and weaknesses. Cindy is an inspirational role model for living a fun, caring, healthy and strong life. Her classes are filled with a nice group of ladies to boot!



Cindy is the best! So inspirational, positive and encouraging. Love my Pilates sessions with Cindy and her team. I have practiced Pilates for over 12 years in LA and was skeptical
that I could find quality instruction in Pagosa Springs. Well Cindy exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed the best Pilates classes ever!



Super clean, super friendly, awesome workout...loved every minute!



I have never done Palates before and was very concerned about starting. Cindy is excellent of making you feel welcome and helps you through all aspects of palates.



The Worlds BEST Pilates instructor!



Cindy both cares for our safety and understanding as we use good technique, and stretches our abilities. Cindy is superb at creating an environment that is nurturing yet pushes you to do your best, while also teaching you how to do each move properly and effectively. She is my favorite coach. I am supported emotionally and physically in each class.

- Christa

I would like to recommend Cindy Houston as the best pilates coach ever because of her effectiveness and her additional responsibility with me as I have back pain and shoulder pain. Cindy was always willing to offer her assistance and was always by my side. I just want to thank Cindy for motivation and encouragement.


Amber Wisniewski (front) pictured here with her happy clients

Amber Wisniewski (front) pictured here with her happy clients

Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Amber’s class last Friday. She gave us an awesome workout and treats you like you are the only one in the class. She’s good!!!! She really is a delight and so into her students. Very conscientious.