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By Pressing Play and viewing any portion of this video I agree to the following terms and conditions:

Assumption of Risk Agreement and Release of Liability

1. Pilates is not a substitute for medical examination and/or diagnosis. It is recommended that I see a physician for any physical ailment that I may have. I understand that the Pilates Trainer does not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder. Likewise, the Pilates Trainer does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals, nor does the Pilates Trainer perform any spinal adjustments. Because Pilates/body work should not be performed under certain medical conditions, I affirm that I have stated all of my known medical conditions and understand that there shall be no liability on the Pilates Trainer’s part should I fail to do so.

2. I understand there are risks, both known and unknown, associated with the activities and programs of CindyHoustonPilates.com. It is further my intention to provide written proof that I have knowingly assumed all known and unknown risks and I further state that I am aware of the risks of participating in the activities and programs of CindyHoustonPilates.com that I may volunteer to participate in and I am aware that not all risks may be known and I expressly assume the risk of all known and unknown risks.

3. I, the undersigned, in consideration of gaining membership or being allowed to participate in the activities and programs of CindyHoustonPilates.com and to use its facilities, equipment and machinery, in addition to the payment of any fee or charge, I DO HEREBY WAIVE, RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE CindyHoustonPilates.com TOTAL FITNESS AND ITS OFFICERS, AGENTS, EMPLOYEES, REPRESENTATIVES, SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, AND ALL OTHERS FROM ANY AND ALL RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR INJURIES OR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM MY PARTICIPATION IN ANY ACTIVITIES OR MY USE OF EQUIPMENT OR MACHINERY IN CONNECTION WITH ANY VIDEO OR TEACHING PROVIDED BY CindyHoustonPilates.com OR ARISING OUT OF MY VIEWING ANY VIDEO OR OTHER INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM OFFERED BY CindyHoustonPilates.com. I do also hereby release all of those mentioned and any others acting upon their behalf from any responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to myself, including those caused by the negligent act or omission of any of those mentioned or others acting on their behalf or in any way arising out of or connected with my participation in any activities of CindyHoustonPilates.com.

4. This waiver shall be in effect each time I use the services of CindyHoustonPilates.com.