Meet cindy


To know Cindy is to love Cindy.

Master Trainer Cindy Houston-Starr is the most dynamic, fun loving, authentic expert in her field with 31 years of fitness certifications and 19 years certified in the Pilates discipline. She brings passion, enthusiasm, life, precision, and encouragement to everyone who walks through her doors.

Her certifications include:

Stott Pilates

Polestar Pilates 

PHI Pilates

Along with training under Masters

John Garey 

Siri Dharma Galliano 

Jillian Hessel

The Melt Method - Hand and Foot + Full Body MELT Instructor Level 1 Training

Cindy admits that in the more than 14,000 hours she has been coaching pilates the best trainers have been her own clients and their bodies.

Cindy Houston Pilates

Be a Part of our Growing community to Feel Strong, Flexible, and Sexy.

We Believe in Play!

There are no Snobs Here. No Judgement.

We are Men and Women on a Journey of Fun, Pilates, and Self Love. 

We understand that Healing Comes through Movement and We Trust the Process. 

We understand that Progress Stirs Passion, even in Small Steps!

We are learning to love Our Bodies!

We are in Awe of what We CAN DO

We are a Team of Discovery

We are a Family

We are a Community of Acceptance and Allowance

Every day We Learn that Our Bodies are Talking and NOW we Are Listening!

Healing on Many Levels Just Happens

We're excited to have YOU Join Us.



Smiles and Love,



a level for everyone

  • Level 1: If you are new to the Pilates experience and have had one too many hard work outs or you are at a time in your life where you have come to value a sense of ease and grace then this slow and easy paced class is right for you. Enjoy healing through movement with soft music playing throughout the class.


  • Level 2: A nice paced class covering the foundational "whys", as well as integrating challenging new moves. This class offers a full-bodied experience that is both fun and a great workout.


  • Level 3: Taking it to the next level, this class explores all the disciplines of Pilates. This class requires balance, strength and a strong knowledge of both your body and the studio equipment and is not to be taken just for the time slot. Your body and mind will be tested and you will leave with your spirit elevated knowing you came and conquered!


  • Level 4: This class is advanced, pushing our bodies, balance, fitness and nervous system to the limit. Back bends, hand stands, walk overs, squirrels, snakes and stars are just some of the moves that make up this class. This class is for the expert client who knows his/her body and the equipment inside and out. Bring it! Shake it! Or take it home! This is a "Suck it up Buttercup" class with nonstop action.